Aston Martin, Toto Wolff, Lawrence Stroll and 2021++

Aston Martin, Toto Wolff, Lawrence Stroll and 2021++

This combination would look like a new branded F1 team in 2021, formerly Racing Point, with a departure of the Team AMG Mercedes Principal over to head up the Car Marketing on a Global scale for Aston Martin.

As Lewis Hamilton takes his own time to confirm his future F1 team plans, we wait for Toto to decide if being on track as well as the factory every week takes his fancy.

Lawrence Stroll is not keen to wait as I’m sure the decision is already set in stone for Toto to take the head of Lawrence’s premium road car brand and gain ground on market share over their closest rivals McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce.

Formula One is all about selling more road cars, that’s been proven time and time again for AMG Mercedes globally.

McLaren have clawed back some red with the F1 team performing better every race each season. Renault have shown some improved market cred just as Ricciardo is to leave them for McLaren. Still they have improved and well done to them.

Ferrari will always be the distinguished brand of road car they just need to sort internal management out at Maranello, real quick smart.

So as the season comes to an end we await those special announcements like Pierre Gasly remaining with Alpha Tauri for 2021, a definite good move guys as this young Frenchman has the goods.

A question for the readers?

Will Christian Horner keep young Albon or drop him like he did to Gasly?