Canada loves it’s F1

The Quebec province of Montreal turns on a show for their F1 population weekend growth in cafe openings, bars till late with streets showing museum pieces on the late legends.

The City of Festivals is the right hub for the Formula One Grand Prix once trackside action has finished each day. Old city New city Business district it doesn’t matter where you go, the F1 vibe is pumping 24/7 over the four days of Grand Prix.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is one track for overtaking, overheating, over-the-top fanatical noisy fans, over-delivering on the engine and tyres. The Wall of Champions splits the heartbeat of any F1 driver, it’s no longer men from the boys as these pilots are top of their class today.

Ferrari have laid down their gauntlet with Leclerc and Vettel 1-2 in the FP2 session before today’s FP3 and Qualifying. Leclerc will be looking to dominate so his targets are aligned back on track as set prior to the season start. He had some issues to date, most not from his own doing.

Haas partner Rich Energy has lost their title sponsor’s court case hence removing the horns logo from their car. Grosjean touched the wall of champions today as did Verstappen and Hamilton who limped back to the pits with a damaged back left rear end to his AMG Mercedes missing the rest of the FP2 session.

Valtteri Bottas has a new engine with a fun day on track as grip improved and so did his times. He will be looking for a win here with hopes of his team mate finishing though he hasn’t said this, perhaps a few places behind to lessen their gap in the title chase.

Red Bull team strategy didn’t help Max today as he arrived right up close to his team mate Gasly in turn smacking the wall a bit during FP2. Obviously the message on the radio was a tad too late for Max and Pierre.

Renault F1 drivers Hulkenberg and Ricciardo, along with Norris, Sainz, Russell, Kubica, Raikkonen and Giovinazzi all complained of the lack of grip, concrete dust on the track surface early in FP1, all hoping to improve. Young Lando Norris is not having a good time, he is failing to improve placing more pressure on himself in each session. He has good talent so we will see how it all pans out with Saturday on track.

Pirelli are expecting more warm weather over the rest of the weekend, which will have an effect in terms of wear and degradation, on a circuit that always has quite high traction demands. As a result, the drivers will need to manage thermal degradation carefully, especially at the rear, which will have an effect on qualifying and race strategy.