Haas F1 Team: They Are Back & Steiner Is All Smiles At 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix!!

Credit: Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 has brought home the goods in round one and what a way to do it with a driver who has been out of the sport for some time whilst the team was in the floodlights of the media removing their Russian F1 Driver and lead sponsorship. They are a team we want to see perform because Team Principal Guenther Steiner has invested so much time, energy and soul in order to see the team achieve results. Kevin Magnussen what a race! We have to give you credit for considering the call up to take the drive and outperform a lot of other drivers who should have been up the top.

The goal to stay within the top 5-8 of the grid is clear for the Hass F1 team and who knows what they could be capable of as they develop further in 2022. What we can say is the fact that Kevin Magnussen was able to adjust so quickly is a testament to his character, ability to drive and self-belief.

With the ongoing conflict and having their Russian F1 driver removed, Magnussen stepped into the cockpit with a refreshing sense of direction for the team. He is just stoked to back and you can feel that as you watch him from session to session.

Check out the video below of Guenther thanking the fans and team. What a legend!

Credit: Haas F1 Team Twitter

Kevin Magnussen, Driver No. 20, Haas F1 Team:

“The craziness just continues. We had a really good race and the car was good all the way through. We had a little more degradation than we would’ve hoped for on the first set of tires, but I also got passed a few people that were faster than me on the first lap and I didn’t really know whether to keep them behind or let them go. I also locked up a little bit so maybe it wasn’t perfect, but even though we pitted earlier we then extended the second stint on the same tire to get back on plan. Then there was a safety car that put everyone on the same tire and then it was just a sprint race to the end, so it was just intense. Obviously, a bit of luck there with the two Red Bull’s but we’ll take that.”

Mick Schumacher, Driver No. 47, Haas F1 Team:

“With all the circumstances that we had with the spin in Turn 6 after contact – I don’t know how much damage that would’ve brought to the car – it didn’t feel amazing to drive afterwards. I think that was also represented in the pace we had. Seeing Kevin in P5 means that we have the car to do this, and that I can do the same. That also means we’re close to podiums if there’s a crazy weekend, which there usually is in Formula 1, so we should be able to do that.”

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal, Haas F1 Team:

“A very good day for us today, it’s good to be back for the whole team. They’ve done a fantastic job, not just today but for the last two years. Everyone kept their head high and just got ready for the moment that we would have a good car. When that moment came, everyone did their part and I’m very proud of them, and they can be proud of themselves.”