It’s a runaway for 2020

Lewis Hamilton has the goods over the rest of the field for 2020.

The season has shown some highlights in most of the Formula One teams like Renault, Racing Point, Ferrari, Williams and Alpha Tauri.

Great work Pierre Gasly, how sad for Ferrari’s poor research delivering poor performance and well done Williams for staying alive in 2020 for the future seasons.

We think it’s a wild plan to race with a lot more fans in a country still heavy in COVID19 cases like Portugal. It’s good to see some fans, let’s hope no cases come from it within the F1 teams themselves.

Good job guys and girls, now what about 2021 Australia?

Can you attend here with an unproven vaccine quarantined at a high cost to the teams to race in March or April?. We think not. I’m sure the Victorian Government have not stopped working on solutions to bubble the sport’s employees to assure a race goes on. Big question, for TV only or no General Admission with many plastic made separators to only a few pre-constructed grandstands?

It’s a question of sustainability for 2021 into we hope a normal 2022. That’s a long time to wait to hold staff in place and make a Grand Prix happen in Victoria where high costs are required to be met to construct the event.

This may be the time where a purpose built track will host the 2022 Australian Formula One Grand Prix as we may see the end of street circuits due to the pandemic affects on costs, infrastructure and attendees by teams and fans.

Could Phillip Island or Eastern Creek do the job? Perhaps FIA needs to see if these circuits can accommodate Formula One racing?

Daniil Kvyat (RUS) AlphaTauri AT01 reflected in a fireman’s helmet visor. 29.08.2020. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 7, Belgian Grand Prix,