Land Norris Lands Deal Worth $94M To Stay With The Papaya’s – McLaren F1 Until 2025!

Credit: McLaren F1

If you were Lando Norris right now, you would be laughing to the bank as well as the grid, with a deal re-signed worth approximately $94M big ones! He is a talented driver, leading the edge with teammate Daniel Ricciardo and wants to win a World Championship.

Norris is committed to the McLaren dream and project. We anticipated Norris would stay though an announcement this early is smart, as it allows the British driver to focus on the 2022 season, continue working and developing the McLaren car and also work within a team that is comfortable.

If you are a Lando fan, keep smiling because there is so much more to come from this talented young driver. The horizon is orange and it will pay off for McLaren F1 who have been developing their car for a long time. Zak Brown is a master of achieving his goals so let us see the 2022 season be one to remember for the right reasons. One thing we do know for sure is that Norris is a brand on his own as well and one fans love!

Andreas Seidl, Team Principal, McLaren F1:

“The opportunity to extend our relationship with Lando reflects not only our commitment but our belief and confidence in his talent. It is also a strong sign of trust and commitment from Lando in us as a team and our journey to world championship contention. Lando has shown impressive growth as a Formula 1 driver over the past four years and has been an instrumental part of the team’s momentum and performance trajectory. We are still on our journey to fight at the front and Lando is a key element of our plan, so to lock him into place, alongside Daniel and our senior leadership, gives us stability and continuity as we build towards our ultimate shared goal of world championships.”

Lando Norris, McLaren F1:

“Teams are about people, and I love the people and feel at home at McLaren. I have grown up in this team and I’m part of this journey we’re all on. Last season was another great step, both in my career and the team’s performance, and I see and feel all the work, investment, and commitment for the team to be in a position to challenge for wins and titles in the future. This all gives me huge confidence looking forward, so it was a natural decision to extend our relationship for the next few years.”

By Myanna Wedes with McLaren Media support.