Last for Hockenheim First for Verstappen

Multiple pitstops, changing weather conditions, multiple safety cars, virtual safety cars, accidents, we saw it all happen today in Germany.

Daniel Kvyat celebrates a podium 3rd place and being a father for the first time bringing in his daughter with Ms Kelly Piquet his partner to our world. Congratulations you need to rush back home. He summed up the race “like a horror story with some dark comedy”.

Lance Stroll came in 4th so close to 3rd, the crews of all three teams were exhausted and ecstatic.

Alex Albon drove so well he may end up replacing Pieree Gasly in 2020?

In wet weather the teams had no data to use from any previous race this season so they had to wing-it, make the calls on the fly, not all of them, including the top teams made that work to plan.

Five pit stops for Max Verstappen, six pit stops for Lewis Hamilton who finished last with a 5 second penalty, a few errors, and some average team strategy calls.

Sebastian Vettel from 20th to 2nd was the racer of the day for Ferrari.

Red Bull F1 Team won the day with their team strategy aided by their driver calling his tyre changes to make the win stick for the day. A 360 degree spin during the race to go on and win was just incredible.

This race will be talked about for a long time into the season as the CEO for the Hockenheim circuit loved the champagne being poured over him on the podium.

Our spectators with flags and flares celebrating in their tens of thousands cheered Ferrari’s Vettel on post race like a World Cup Football game when a goal was scored.

Hungary is our next race.

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