Liberty are doing a good job

It’s easy to criticise when you see it different to the powers that be.

Running a global motorsport business operating at a profit is never easy in the good times let alone the bad. Mercedes AMG are a big help in the brand awareness for road cars sales and the fan’s engagement. Ferrari on the other hand have their own problems as their fans are chomping at the bit to get podiums let alone the forever desired 2020 victory.

Liberty continue to add rounds to their calendar, Portimao being one classic located in the Algarve. Treat yourself if you’re allowed to fly, the venue, the area is one of my favourites. Circuit has plenty of challenges for the drivers and the fans will love it.

In July and August we saw some name changes of regions where we raced on the same track. That’s cool, why not. The racing has been ok to good, it’s a little processional at the moment. Red Bull is trying to close the gap to Hamilton whilst Bottas keeps trying to make it his year, that’s unlikely though.

Go figure Racing Point had a great start, though there seems to be some deterioration in their early season rise to glory. Any idea why? Maybe some heat from the competitors not liking a few of their Merc AMG similarities? This game has always gone to extreme with the FIA rule book guys so as they say in the movies “suck it up”. It’s great to see mid range teams doing better as that’s what we are all there for in the end.

The Aussie Ricciardo is holding the hopes high for a few podiums to Renault for his final season there before he heads off to McLaren with Lando Norris as his team buddy. His 4th position on the Spa grid may deliver if the car holds up. On the other hand Raikkonen is not cutting it for Alfa though in Spa he has a good grid starting position of 5th. let’s see like Renault if his car can finish the Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso watching on with interest is one driver return I’m waiting to see if he can turn the Renault hopes around as Ricciardo has delivered better for them in 2020 than 2019. Spa is a driver’s track and one for brave and not feint-hearted. Can’t wait for race start to be honest. Claire Williams with Sir Frank her dad will now start to manage their handover to the American funds giant as the ownership changes for 2021’s season. A real good deal to keep Williams in the sport as the longest standing independent F1 team.

George Russell has definitely shown his real talents in this season with hopes of a greater season in 2021 under new financial management where bigger budgets give you more add-ons to your race car and race weekend. Don’t forget Pierre Gasly who has made a very good season again after being dropped by Christian Horner in 2019. Gasly is a real talent with no doubt he could move to another team in the next two or three years to show Red Bull what they left on the table.

Get ready for a very interesting latter part of the 2020 Formula One season where Liberty and F1 Experiences deliver best of the best wherever they can host with guests attending.