Mad Monday Monaco Bump Out

If it’s not full on before a Grand Prix with infrastructure construction to VIP’s expectations, functions, formalities and pressing schedules, it’s the bump out that’s left to a few special staffers.

Crews from teams with hard hats, hi-VIS vests, super cranes, b-doubles are strategically dismantling the F1 ‘transformers’. The tarps come off to reveal the bones of what we see as nothing short of insane, amazing, awesome workplaces for VIP hospitality, massage rooms for the drivers, 5 star food and beverages services for guests. That’s the F1 Paddock for all European races.

Fly-aways are a lot different where the circuit promoter has the job to build super-cool VIP air conditioned hospitality centres within their circuit. It’s easier for the permanently built race tracks, as once constructed, they are fitted out, bumped out, cleaned and locked up till next race.

City street circuits like Melbourne and Monaco construct buildings that can be hired over the year as a part of that city’s local infrastructure. Hanoi for 2020 in Vietnam is one example where they have a template, architectural plans, circuit designer and a time line for completion. As this season rolls out the Hanoi 2020 circuit promoter working group will attend several F1 events to assess the required medical facilities that our good friend, the late Sid Watkins put into place. These medical facilities must be to hospital operating standard as well as training a lot of medical staff and marshalls. Often marshalls come from other countries with years of experience in Formula One.

There is a lot to do, the event attracts global audiences for the benefit of that host country to showcase it’s best for the international audiences. The photos below are just one small example of how a circuit is stripped down, stored off site miles away, ready for 2020 install.

Stay with us as we build the way to Hanoi Viet Nam 2020.