Pre Baku VIP for rookies

Baku will be a circuit the rookies for 2019 will need to be 100% prepped on using simulation. The circuit is demanding to say the least as we’ve seen in the past with Vettel, Hamilton, Verstappen and Ricciardo.

Hard luck has struck Bottas on the black so he’ll be watching his tyre choice with fine detail in consult with his engineers. Lewis Hamilton is looking for a win to strengthen his title hopes whilst his team mate is not considering relenting in any way soon.

Leclerc has the run on his team mate for sure so let’s see how he tackles P1 and P2 in his red Scuderia Ferrari. A 6km 19 turn 51 lapper is our Baku city circuit in the country of 2017 original host country Azerbaijan.

Scenic locations are available to the spectators and residents, amazing design in layout through the city limits. I see this race as one of the most exciting on the calendar for real race fans. The principal Absheron grandstand at the end of the main straight should be high up on your viewing wish-list, as you’ll be watching the cars braking from around 350km/h into the 90-degree Turn 1 – and you’ll likely get to watch the lion’s share of overtaking too. Elsewhere, the Icheri Sheher grandstand provides a unique vantage point, as you watch the cars wriggle through the city gate section and power on down to the super-fast Turn 13-15 complex.