Sebastian Vettel Fined €5,000 For Using Scooter On Albert Park Circuit, Waves To Fans!

By: Myanna Wedes

The classic of classics at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix this weekend with Sebastian Vettel fined for improper use of a scooter on the circuit after the free practice session concluded. The German driver waved to fans as he putted around on the scooter back to pit lane although did not acquire proper authorisation to do so. Fans loved capturing a glimpse of Seb as he made his way back. Everyone knew he would be in trouble for the antics, so a small penalty to pay for some entertainment in the eyes of the fans is not much, though, of course, rules are rules.

“In driving on the track to his pit, instead of the designated route, VET breached Article 26.7 of the Formula One Sporting Regulations, which prohibits anyone from being on the track in the five-minute period after the end of a session, with the exception of specifically identified personnel, which makes no provision for drivers to have such access unless specifically authorized.”

The day did not end well for Vettel with his engine catching fire, having to put out another fire with an extinguisher and less track time after contracting COVID-19 and only his first race of the season here in Australia getting underway. The work load will be immense and we know he is capable of pulling a quality result if the car allows him to do so.

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Aston Martin F1 Team. 08.04.2022. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 3, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Practice Day. © Copyright: Batchelor / XPB Images