Silver Arrows: Mercedes-AMG W13 F1 2022 Launch!

One of the most anticipated returns to F1 is the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG W13 F1 for the upcoming 2022 season and with a new lineup: Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

The new car looks fierce and both drivers are very eager to enjoy the challenges to come. Hamilton confirmed he was never going anywhere and that the talk of retirement was not an option. He is ready to go faster and race even stronger. The winter break enabled him to reset and Russell is keen to be the partner in the team to help propel both cars to the top.

The aerodynamics of this car are very intriguing, especially the wavey contours on the side. The Mercedes-AMG F1 team want to continue to push the limits in the best ways possible and fight for the title. There are so many varying technical aspects this year with the cars and what works for each time will be a test of time!

Toto Wolff Press Release Quotes:

“Ever since work on W13 began, I have seen an excited enthusiasm in our team members like never before, thanks to the scale of opportunity that these technical regulations provide,” said Toto Wolff, Team Principal & CEO of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. “Towards the end of the year when the car build project truly came together, I felt a deep passion across the whole organisation, not only in the technical arena but across our bases at Brackley and Brixworth who were embracing a mindset of ‘we can do this’”.

“We did pretty well during the last big regulatory change into the hybrid era and performed well when we went from the narrow to the wide cars in 2017. While we have a good track record, my message is clear: we can’t rely on past success for this year’s performance, but we can rely on our people, our culture, our structure, and our mindset to do the best possible job for 2022”, continued Toto.

“I have never seen him more determined,” said Toto Wolff. “Lewis is the best driver in the world, and he is joined by one of the brightest and most promising of their generation in George. I have no doubt that we can create an environment of partnership between the two, of productivity to develop this new car which will be essential, whilst maintaining a healthy competition that will motivate them and the wider team.”

“George is just getting on with the job. I know he’s had a good winter of training and we’ve seen him in the factory, working on the simulator and with his engineers. This team has always been his home and therefore the transition to driving for us has been very smooth,” continued Toto.  

Lewis Hamilton:

“It is exciting watching George come in and bring his energy, I can already feel his energy throughout the team, and I think it is going to be an exciting season. I love doing what I do, and it is such a privilege to work with this large group of people, when you really feel like you are part of a family and a team and you are working towards a common goal, there is no feeling quite like it.”

“Going into this year I have not really set any goals initially. Naturally, every single individual within this team has worked towards the ultimate goal – winning the World Championship and again raising the bar – and doing something that nobody else has ever done before.”