The Singapore Flyer, Haze And Formula One!

By: Myanna Wedes.

The weekend of lights, glamour, humidity, sweat beads and smiles has begun. The drivers have been preparing their bodies for the tough conditions physically and also mentally to ensure they do not make errors that could be extremely costly in a World Championship sense. The South Eas Asian round at the Marina Bay street circuit is majestic from the lights used to power the event, the eye catching flyer and also the fact that it features 23 corners where their bodies are pushed to the absolute limit: the neck, eyes, brain, shoulders, feet, knees and hips just to name a few.

To be the King around this circuit is stamping your mark on the quality of driver you are and continue to be in a sport that can show you the door if performance results are not achieved. Right now, Lewis Hamilton is focusing on extending his World Championship lead whilst Charles Leclerc is aiming for a triple threat win after back to back victories in the last two events. Meanwhile, all eyes will be on Alexander Albon to see how he performs at a second to home round (being that he races under the Thai flag) and also to determine his race pace in very tough conditions. No doubt, Sebastian Vettel is looking for a reset button in order to shake up his results and Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo wanting to stay in the top five to show that Renault can compete with the top teams.

Singapore are doing a wonderful job in showcasing the sport and the anticipation of Vietnam next year is incredibly exciting. To have multiple races in this sector of the world is a wonderful achievement with crowds flocking to the events and wanting to capture the drivers in their full suits pushing one another whilst having fun in the process. A memorable driver at this circuit is Max Verstappen…. we can all remember that first corner incident with Ferrari and how the crowd roared at the sight of the accident. Will Verstappen be competitive here in Singapore is the key question and we are excited to find out. With a third DRS zone being added, who knows what could happen. The first detection is at the exit of T4, the activation 53m after T5. The second detection point is 102m before T13 with activation 78m down after T13 and finally the third is 180m before the apex of T22 with the activation 48m after the apex of T23. As you put those zones in to perspective, think about what the driver is doing to ensure they maximise that opportunity. There is a lot to think about!

Finally, the haze. Indonesia has a lot of fires burning at the moment and both Singapore and Malaysia are suffering in terms of air quality. As you look in to the distance, the haze is just sitting in the sky without wanting move. It is causing a bit of chaos for those who have breathing issues and not to mention visibility especially at night time. Whether the haze will lift is one thing as there is no rain predicted as such to wash it away nor the favourable winds to blow it towards another direction. The unknown as to what it will be like on Sunday remains.

Credit: Dungan / XPB Images. Alexander Albon (THA) Red Bull Racing with the media. 19.09.2019. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 15, Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore, Preparation Day.