Tuesday in Monaco pre-race

Lot’s happening in Monaco today, similar feelings will be felt by the organisers of the Hanoi 2020 Formula One Grand Prix when the construction starts to take shape.

F1 in Monaco has the loss of Lauda to deal with as we learnt tonight he caught a flu cold from a holiday in Ibiza that never left him in the end. Teams are all set up with transporters being moved up the hill a long way from the circuit to be parked and collected 6pm Sunday evening.

Boats are moored in place for the Harbour Authority to keep an eye on them all during the next 6 days and nights. The Red Bull Honda Energy Station is built, this comes 2 kms downstream on two barges before being tied to the wharf like a cruise ship would be.

Terraces are being painted, refurbished to be the weekend hospitality suites. Hotels have started to welcome their influx of guests from the global supporters they are.

Luxury cars don the streets as they low ride along the circuit before lockdown tomorrow as the fashion show tests the catwalk before Friday night’s F1 Driver Fashion Show Dinner and Party.

It’s all happening downtown Monte Carlo.

Models at the Amber Lounge Fashion Show. 26.05.2017. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 6, Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Friday. – www.xpbimages.com, EMail: requests@xpbimages.com – copy of publication required for printed pictures. Every used picture is fee-liable. © Copyright: Moy / XPB Images