Vettel not happy, Leclerc elated in Monza

The who’s who in Scuderia Ferrari attended qualifying today to see their team take pole position. Charles Leclerc won the “tow”. A Formula One car is like an upside down aeroplane taking air away to create turbulence and speed. If you drive into that turbulence you lose speed and grip, control goes away.

Vettel was not happy as the team had a strategy and Leclerc decided to go for it and that paid dividends. With a 26 second distance ahead of ten cars who all had 27 seconds to complete the silly outcome they were sent live as AMG Mercedes had nowhere to go though taking 2nd and 3rd on the start grid.

Back to back poles for Charles, Milan welcomed the 90 years of Ferrari, Monza fans elated, it’s all red red red. Lewis Hamilton had the tifosi boo him, not cool guys. He is happy as Bottas helped split the Ferrari with Vettel starting 4th.

Renault did great having 5th and 6th places for race day even though Hulkenberg and Sainz lead a slow stack of F1 cars at a minimum speed of 140kmh in Q3.

Vettel has been out qualified by Leclerc for the past 7 races with no tow from his team mate today. Stewards have not made any definitive decision so far on the Q3 debacle.

116Charles LeclercFERRARI1:20.1261:19.5531:19.30718
244Lewis HamiltonMERCEDES1:20.2721:19.4641:19.34616
377Valtteri BottasMERCEDES1:20.1561:20.0181:19.35417
45Sebastian VettelFERRARI1:20.3781:19.7151:19.45717
53Daniel RicciardoRENAULT1:20.3741:19.8331:19.83913
627Nico HulkenbergRENAULT1:20.1551:20.2751:20.04914
755Carlos SainzMCLAREN RENAULT1:20.4131:20.2021:20.45520
823Alexander AlbonRED BULL RACING HONDA1:20.3821:20.021DNF15
918Lance StrollRACING POINT BWT MERCEDES1:20.6431:20.498DNF19
107Kimi RäikkönenALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI1:20.6341:20.515DNF16
1199Antonio GiovinazziALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI1:20.6571:20.51715
1220Kevin MagnussenHAAS FERRARI1:20.6161:20.61514
1326Daniil KvyatSCUDERIA TORO ROSSO HONDA1:20.7231:20.63017
144Lando NorrisMCLAREN RENAULT1:20.6461:21.06815
1510Pierre GaslySCUDERIA TORO ROSSO HONDA1:20.5081:21.12515
168Romain GrosjeanHAAS FERRARI1:20.7848
1711Sergio PerezRACING POINT BWT MERCEDES1:21.2916
1863George RussellWILLIAMS MERCEDES1:21.8008
1988Robert KubicaWILLIAMS MERCEDES1:22.3569

Q1 107% time – 1:25.734

Note – Verstappen, Norris and Gasly required to start from back of grid due to multiple power unit element changes.