Vietnam has a lot to learn

In a good way the Formula One market has become closer to the fans, a better platform for the sponsors who market their portfolios.

Viet Nam is one such market where the 2017 population of 95 million has a lot to learn when a European premium motorsport brand arrives in 12 months time.

They are a welcoming race who love culture, food, outdoor living and international sport. Before Red Bull, AMG Mercedes and Ferrari arrive in Hanoi to race the local population will learn a lot when speed is the priority.

340kmh plus is going to be some show when we see the final circuit design come to life. A legacy to the late Charlie Whiting with the Herman Tilke design has incredibly good straightaways with tighter hairpins than Monaco.

We are working ahead of the schedule to bring this F1 experience to reality for the Vietnamese public both close by the track and in the country zones.

This is going to be a state of the art event in the heart of Formula One.

BAKU 2018 VETTEL Scuderia Ferrari